RazorSQL Crack 9.5.2 With Activation code Latest 2022


Jun 21, 2022

RazorSQL 9.5.2 Crack Free Download 2022

RazorSQL Crack is a universal database query tool, database navigation, and SQL editor. It has a relational database engine that does not require any configuration.A robust program editor that supports SQL, Transact-SQL, PL / SQL, XML, SQL PL, Java, and many other programming languages

RazorSQL Crack

RazorSQL Crack is software that contains visual tools for creating, modifying, editing, deleting, reporting, and viewing tables; a database browser where users can view the objects and structures of the database; tools that facilitate the import and export of data;


RazorSQL license key

Features of RazorSQL Crack:

  • Integrated tools, drivers, and system
  • The relatively built database engine
  • Other databases can also be linked
  • Edit: import and export data files
  • Manage all reputable databases
  • Satisfactory query tool and robust program editor
  • SQL editor
  • Supports Derby, Oracle, MySQL, etc.
  • Comparison tool: data, table, and file
  • The results of the question are displayed in the multi-table form
  • Works well with PHP, HTML, Java, XML, etc.
  • Auto-finishing and syntax highlighting functions
  • Help to view and delete Jar and Zip files

Database and SQL Tools:

  • Publish sequences and indexes
  • Create and publish stored procedures, packages, functions, and triggers
  • Create and publish databases and users
  • Allows the table editing tool
  • Modify stored procedures, packages, functions, and triggers
  • Describe views and tables
  • Create a DDL tool that will later help generate a DDL table, view, and index.
  • View given content in tables and views
  • View the contents of stored procedures, packages, functions, and triggers
  • SQL query builder for statements including Select, Update, Insert, and Delete
  • Export data as text, Excel, HTML, XML, as inbound instructions, or in a limited file format
  • Import data into tables from Excel files, limited format files, or fixed-width files
  • File comparison tool
  • File System Browser

Database browser:

  • A tree structure that facilitates navigation in the objects of the database
  • Use system-specific database queries provided by RazorSQL or user-supplied database browse queries, or browse database structures using the default JDBC / ODBC driver setting.
  • It only takes one click to display the contents of tables, views, etc.
  • Column information including column name, isolating information, keys, data type, etc.
  • Displays information about things like procedures, sequences, functions, indexes, triggers, constraints, etc.
  • One-click DDL generation for indexes, tables, and views.
  • Search the tables and see the details.
  • SQL Generation selects updates, inserts, and deletes queries with one click.

New in RazorSQL

  • DB2 table conversion is supported now
  • A new ability is added where users can turn on SSL encryption
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

Installation Instructions

  1. Use either of the download link given below according to the configuration of your system
  2. Install the Program when download is complete
  3. Use the given license key in the text file to activate the program Or you can also use Keymaker for the generation of a new key
  4. Enjoy!

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